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Alliance Corp Technologies LLC turnkey solutions provides an operator the technical support and global resources necessary to cost effectively roll out solutions that meet specific operator requirements. Our turnkey solutions simplify the process resulting in significant time and cost savings. Operators can rely on the expertise of Alliance Corp Technologies LLC to deploy and maintain their networks.

Turnkey Solutions include:


Operators and Telco providers can depend on Alliance Corp Technologies LLC to provide exceptional performance. We’re employing only industry seasoned professionals and methodologies. Our expertise spans the full range of skills needed to implement Video, Voice, Data and Wireless with OSS / BSS solutions.


Alliance Corp Technologies LLC is an industry leader in providing operators end-to-end solutions specific to their needs. Industry expertise includes operational and business support systems, deployment and configuration management, design, service delivery, data migration and project management. 



Alliance Corp Technologies LLC provides support for Cell Tower Backhaul and Metro Ethernet including site location analysis, work management and CPE Deployments. 



Wi-Fi deployment can adversely impact customer satisfaction, network performance, and business critical activities, if not implemented correctly. Alliance Corp Technologies LLC prevents these issues, ensuring optimal network design and integration into your network and back office systems