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In-Motion Pallet Dimensioning

Imagine if you could relax while your shipments are automatically measured, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Picture effortlessly detecting labels and barcodes linked directly to each shipment, reducing frustration caused by human error. Envision optimizing your freight and gaining additional insights into your logistics operations. Consider the satisfaction of accurately charging all transports and ensuring fair treatment for all customers. And imagine having access to data and images of all goods when handling customer complaints.

Introducing Automatic Dimension Measurement, Weight Assessment, Barcode Recognition, Stackability Testing, and Analytics for palletized goods in motion. Developed in collaboration with leading logistics companies, these innovative dimensioning systems are designed to streamline the process of measuring dimensions effortlessly.

CargoSpect revolutionizes the measurement and registration process of all your palletized goods. Utilizing cutting-edge in-motion technology, it delivers fast and efficient volumetric measurement regardless of the flow method—whether it's forklifts, AGVs, or conveyor belts. With advanced barcode reading technology and stereovision cameras, CargoSpect provides comprehensive information to optimize your workflow and enhance efficiency.